“Ferguson’s intricate tale, keeps us rooting for Susan. A delight for mystery readers.”

—Elizabeth Levy, The Dorothy Sayers of the Elementary Set

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Susan Kessel’s passionate affair with photography landed her a great newspaper job but cost her four celibate years. Setting out to correct this on a Saturday night date, she took a single photo and found herself running for her life, into a Boston that she had never imagined. She discovered the Susan Kessel others saw: the woman four years fighting to establish herself in a man’s profession had made her. Her confrontations with her attackers shocked her. So did the response she provoked among the intriguing men and women of a very sophisticated crowd she was thrown in with—which also pleased her—a hard professionalism had left soft edges in the right places. A bizarre process, she thought: Kessel’s Scared to Death in Boston Diet.

Review for Exposed in Boston

“Susan Kessel and her Leica….smart and mesmerizing. Exposed in Boston is a real treat for mystery readers looking for the next Kinsey Millhone. The characters that Susan stumbles across as she tries to figure out why her life and career are suddenly in danger, are bizarre, yet also surprisingly good company. Ferguson’s intricate tale, keeps us rooting for Susan. A delight for mystery readers.”

—Elizabeth Levy, 
The Dorothy Sayers of the Elementary Set,and author of over 100 books for children and adults, elizabethlevy.com

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Sheppard Ferguson

Sheppard FergusonSheppard Ferguson was a fan of Mickey Spillane, Rex Stout, Ian Fleming and photography before high school. Since, his life has intertwined photography and books. In Boston he founded The Photographic Eye, Inc. and Ars Libri, Ltd, then was President of Schoenhof’s Foreign Books. His photographs have been exhibited in Boston, New York, Avignon, throughout Provence and in Hanoi where a book of his historic Vietnamese architecture photographs is being published. He spent ten years as a commercial photographer in Washington D.C. Currently, he lives in Watertown, MA with his wife Hoi-Chan and daughters nearby.

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A suspense book about Susan Kessel and her Leica in Boston starts this blog: they pretty well summarize my interests: I have been a bookseller or photographer in the U.S., France and Vietnam. I have been immersed in suspense and mysteries since 6th grade (not counting Zorro and Wonder Woman in second grade). I am Read more »