A suspense book about Susan Kessel and her Leica in Boston starts this blog: they pretty well summarize my interests: I have been a bookseller or photographer in the U.S., France and Vietnam. I have been immersed in suspense and mysteries since 6th grade (not counting Zorro and Wonder Woman in second grade).

I am interested in the lives and milieus of photographers, their personal photographic lives and how their existence has changed everyone’s view of the world. So, I expect, as this blog develops, to provide both commentary and resources including novels, biographies, people and websites about photographers, many little known.

I have been surprised to realize that photographers are rarely the center of mystery, suspense or thriller novels. Indeed they are rarely the central figures in fiction. This is strange given who they are and that what they do provides them even more openings to snoop and investigate than all of the private eyes populating crime novels. So, I expect to do some sleuthing myself to create comprehensive listing of books and movies.

I love books in which I find quirky, interesting characters from writers like Larry Block, Jess Walter or Rex Stout or Margery Allingham. I expect to share my pleasure by highlighting a number of these.